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Dr. Evann attended chiropractic school at Life University in Marietta, GA.  It was there that he honed his skills as a chiropractor while leading his fellow students in the Dynamic Essentials Club on campus.   Dr. Evann specializes in neurologically based chiropractic to not only help with musculoskeletal complaints but to help the body function better as a whole.   Before Dr. Evann attended chiropractic school he went to The College of Jersey and received a bachelors degree in Health and Exercise Science.  Dr. Evann also received certification from the ACSM as a Certified Health Fitness Specialist.

After many years of schooling Dr. Evann now enjoys educating his patients about the profound effects that a improperly functioning nervous system has on the body and how when in proper adjustment the body will elevate to a new level of health.  

Dr. Evann Sidoti

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